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Animal Quiz 2015

Name the animal, Animal trivia or a simple game like Animal Quiz 2015! This type of educational and trivia apps are some of the few games that can put even a grown man into...

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Dino And Jack – The Lost Bones

How many of you are into adventure games? Well here is Jack, an awesome puppy who has landed right in the middle of the jungle, there with your help he will get a chance...

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Hungry Trolls

Have you ever played games like Tetris or Guitar Hero? Would you like to play a game which combines them both? Well here is Hungry Trolls, a great classic game in which your main...

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Kotatsu Puzzle

For any cat lover and puzzle enthusiast out there we have a game which combines them in one simple app! In Kotatsu Puzzle, the main objective of the game is to move the tiles...

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6D – a free smartphone social messenger

Had enough of facebook, twitter, snapchat, instagram and all that crap? Well here is 6D, a new kind of social messenger you’ll find pretty awesome! With all the tools to communicate via photo, video,...

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Media Training – One On One

If you also like self development books and audiobooks,  the Media Training -One On One, is an application you must have on your android phone! With 21 videos which covers all kinds of topics...