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Paper Pig

Who said that pigs can’t fly? Well they had certainly been wrong as you’ll find out in this game when you’ll meet Papi the “Paper Pig” with lot of imagination. If you also have...

Jaeger_Strike_Top_Down_Shooter_for_android_00 0

Jaeger Strike Top Down Shooter

Did you like playing the classic 1945 space shooter game so called Air Attack HD? Well we’re glad to tell you that Jager Strike is a better version of that space game, with great...

bucketman01 0

BucketMan – coloring your city

Ever thought of playing a PacMan game on the streets of your neighborhood? Well we present you one of the most original and interesting game that we had tried until now, it’s name is...

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Halloween Flashlight

You’re not ready for Halloween if you don’t have the right mask and of course the right flashlight! Luckily for you we have just the app for you, probably the most scary flashlight you...

Steampunk_Miracle_Dice_Roller_for_android_06 0

Steampunk Miracle Dice Roller

Are you a fan of the western civilization of the 19th century and you like to roll the dices, well than you’re going to love┬áDark Skull Studio’s application so called Miracle Dice Roller. With...

check_car_engine_android_01 0

Check Car Engine

Not all of us were born to know how to fix a car engine or even how to find out what is really wrong with it. Well they don’t call them smartphones for nothing...