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Trumpet Media

Even if you are a Christian or non-Christian and you want to learn more about the Bible, well here is a great app to help you complete this mission. Learn all you need to...

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Off Mobile

What do you know about flying airplanes? Are you ready o become a real pilot? Well there’s no way you’ll manage to be a real pilot if you don’t try to learn how to...

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Text2Mail Lite

Have you ever had the need of archiving your text messages and saving them into a email? Well here is where Text2Mail Lite from BOING! Designs comes in handy! This app has just the...

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Chatting had never been more easier than using BlueChatBox for messaging! One of the best features which we like about this app is the fact that you can start a conversation with nearby people, a...

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Red And Yellow

From now on my favorite colours are Red and Yellow! How simple can be to hold your finger on one colour and click on another at the same time as fast as you can?...