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WordSlide Battle

We love word games, and especially ones that not only that they challenge your mind but also it gives you the opportunity to test your abilities against your friends or random people. Wordslide battle...

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Uplift a Sci-Fi RPG for Android

What’s more fun than playing a RPG adventure? Put yourselves together guys cause one of the best Sci-fi adventures is in development and it will hit hard when it launches! If you’re also a big...

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Elevation Earth android app

Discover the Earth’s beauty with a fantastic powerful android app. Elevation Earth is an educational application that can help you control the water level and the Earth’s terrain so that people can explore it...

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Tablet SMS Messaging Dinamotxt

Many people out there prefer texting more than calling people. It’s more easy, flexible, more discreet and sometimes even more fun. And because nowadays we have better devices, Laptops, PCs, tablets and android phones,...

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G Cloud Backup

Taking care of your phone data is important, you never want to be in the situation of loosing important data like your phone contacts, addresses, photos and other data. One of the most safest...

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Hungry Robot – Android Game

What do you really think about robots? Have you ever wondered what they like to eat? Well in Hungry Robot game for android you’ll find out that robots don’t eat only circuit parts and...