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Captain_Siwah_tactic_run_001 0

Captain Siwah tactic run

If you like action games and challenging levels then Captain Siwah is perfect to entertain you. With nice graphics and funny levels, Captain Siwah tactic run is the game that will never get you...

eClip_Voice_android_01 0

eClip Voice & Photo Messenger

Are you bored of texting long messages to friend about how your vacation was, or how were the places that you’ve been? Now we give you an easy way to tell the people how...

tastybunny_android_00 0

Tasty Bunny

Ready to discover a beautiful fantasy world in the eyes of a cute little bunny? Well here is fun game in which you will get to do that, and if you imagine that being...

Off Road Racing 2

4×4 Off Road Desert Car Racing

How many of you have ever wanted to visit the Sahara desert? Well if you like racing games and you also want to find out how the Sahara desert looks like, now you can...

sceen_gameofhouses_gotquiz_1024x500 1

Game of Houses

If you’re looking for a great Game of Thrones inspired mobile game you really need to give Game of Houses a try. This GoT quiz type game is going to give you a fun...

geographiq_003 0


Sometimes it is really hard to learn geography regardless, and usually you feel ashamed about not knowing were the countries you know are situated on the map. Whit this new app called GeorgraphiQ it’s...

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