Airport City Android app

Airport City Android app

This article was written by and published on February 8, 2012.

It was also reviewed on February 8, 2012

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138 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    add me plz ywz6a4

  2. Paul says:

    Hey add this friend code for 100 free coins! muwd0u

  3. Basty says:

    add me plz xubl21

  4. ben says:

    please add me too: hiy0tx

  5. Cuong Tran says:

    the promo codes did not work anymore.

  6. How do u delete a plane I want a new one and can't sell mine

  7. Proby says:

    please add me zrb59s

  8. Sofiane says:

    Nicole Hersey, you just have to access the storage (click on the brown cube in the bottom of the screen) and then click on the plane picture.

  9. ben says:

    this game did not give you airport cash as much as My Railway. you have to buy it, that’s suck.

  10. Albert says:

    my code is 4n0obf

  11. kristal says:

    how do u destroy a hangar one of the tasks is to to build a runway but you need to destroy the hangar first

  12. Rabbit says:

    my code is h1nel7

  13. R says:

    Enter my friend code for free money or coins: bc56qj

    On the bottom of the screen, click on the three characters icon, enter bc56qj and then click redeem! It’s as simple as that!

  14. QV says:

    code for coins. use 19xuaq

  15. JaykneeB says:

    Friend Code for free coins in Airport City: gsitwf

  16. Smith says:

    Friend code for free cash: sfd08i

  17. William Lee says:

    add my promo code xpmm5h

  18. daniel2036 says:

    My code is dtdlzr. Please add me

  19. Christie Harvey says:

    here's mine qt5lrf.

  20. Press on the box, its got a submenu for your plane

  21. Roy Klasens says:

    ad me: bj43by

  22. sheree morrow says:

    How do you sell stuff? or destroy stuff ie. hangars?

  23. simon says:

    Please add me: csajyz

  24. Larry Goding says:

    Says I have an airplane on the my runway but there is no plane there

  25. Mike says:

    friend code for free cash: usrfwd

  26. Jason says:

    Add me for money. liq5d6

  27. NM says:

    friend code: t4hhzp

  28. Jack says:

    Add me pls : 42r24f

  29. wayne says:

    code 0495gp

  30. melpas1013 says:

    Add me also pls: r4n9ya

  31. stoumpan says:


  32. mora says:

    code: two8ee

  33. stony says:

    Here my code: 71ny4v

  34. Mike says:


    I have two phantom planes. I sold all my my planes to get rid of them. All it does in the warehouse is give me the option to go to flights instead of sell them. I have to open hangers it won’t let me sell because of it.

  35. polpol says:


    I have same problem two planes in one, nothink works (sells the plane, restart…)

  36. MM says:

    same here, 2 planes that not really there 🙁

  37. mls says:



  38. mora says:



  39. marty says:


  40. Wahab says:

    How to sell planes? Kinldy assist…

  41. James Buthlay says:

    Hey, add my friend code: 5ryrbc

  42. Mohammed says:

    my code is qtg8vg , please add me

  43. payam says:

    my code for 100 coin : 6u08tz

  44. RM says:

    How do you destroy a hangar?

  45. jimbo says:

    How do I build a level 4 runway? The standard airfield is too short. Do i have make a airfield expansion? The problem is,that I used my expansions for the city,so the next expansion costs me 10 “green-money” and can’t afford this. Thanks for your help!!!

  46. Olli says:

    my code: omz0wm

    btw what do I get if someone redeems my code?

  47. leon says:

    my code : twwtcm

  48. Benny says:


  49. kinan says:

    Hey guys, anyone figured out how to get green money to be able to get expansions of the property?

  50. Cash says:

    free cash: ch7uix

  51. Transam87 says:


  52. Cash says:

    free Cash: 2jo5o9

  53. Brian olsen says:


  54. minibalm says:


  55. yakrie says:

    free 100 coins : l5d8y8

  56. Knut says:


  57. tboy says:


  58. Zibig says:


    Have anyone been faced with the following issue? I have put level 3 update to the repair bay (You cannot do any repairs until you build it). To get it build I need 2x powe source, 2x drill machine and 2x insulation. Those can be taken only from San Francisco and are very seldom…. Suddenly, all my plains got damaged. That have put me not in an easy position. The only way to get needed materials is to snt a filghts to San Francico… of cours, no green money….. So the only way to get those prerequisit is to buy a new plain every time the old crash. Unfortunattly my plains crash much more frequesnt now…. Im have stuck for a week already and since that time I got no new needed item.
    So better consider upgrade once you got items.

  59. Zibig says:

    Let me offer you 100 coins :: ihy6fc

  60. Mike says:

    Code from the list above doesn’t works. Enter this code to get free coins in Airport City: f0aew6

  61. Verelyn says:

    Don’t play this game!! Its wasting your time!! This game sucks!!! All my plans need to be repair, but the game task ask me to upgrade the repair base. All plans can’t get repair while waiting the repair base to be upraded which needs CASH to buy those require parts. I can’t keep on drop my plan & buy new one as i do not have enough coins & cash for that!! Stupid games!!!! Waste my time!!

    • AirportDude says:

      I’m in the same position as you… All my planes now need to be repaired and my Repair Base requires items that I don’t have!! 🙁

      It’s extremely frustrating to be at a high level and not able to continue playing without having to pay $$$ for some Green Cash.

    • Leon says:

      Can’ you just sell the plane, and collect some coin from friend codes?? i saw it is limited but still its circa about 500 daily. this game requires patience anyway, dont stare at it 24hrs a day…

  62. Aipelz says:

    I luv this game ^^ Redeem my code: cca9h2. Thx ♥

  63. Aipelz says:

    Redeem my new code all for Airport City for Android : 4wga6y. Thx ♥

  64. Jurc says:

    My friend code: 4p5lf4

    Enjoy your flight 😉

  65. AirportDude says:



  66. FlyAlot says:


    keep flying

  67. leon says:

    Add me play everyday


  68. Jasqui says:

    plz ad me 😉 d66tig

  69. mnpn says:

    please add me: w9k9yg

  70. dollarman says:

    Add me too – ipkfs8
    Send me what you need and if ive got it’ll be on the next flight out to you.
    Oh.. same goes for me

  71. dollarman says:

    Add me also for 100 coins. ipkfs8

    Here’s an idea. Send me what you need so i know what to gift you.
    Likewise, the random gift from me is what i need.

  72. Pretty says:

    Hello, add me please
    Have a nice day!

  73. Ren says:

    I’m so annoyed! Finally got the gift I needed and game crashes but now gift is gone… GRRR! Does this when I get key items off flights too!

    Does anyone know if you can get rid of buildings/roads etc once built?

  74. Zibig says:

    Ren, you can use a pig icon (in blue arrow icon). you will get 10% money back

  75. Zibig says:

    Does anyone know if you can rotate a runway? I want to make some space to build a bigger runway but would have to build it in horizontal (not vertiacal) way

  76. morten says:

    Please add me g156ui

  77. thomair says:

    fill in my one:

  78. Johan_D says:

    my friends code is: jft1nz

    Add me please.

  79. serkan82 says:

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    Have a nice day!

  80. mindy says:

    Add me please
    my code is 3tqyre

  81. grant says:

    Please add me

  82. Leon says:

    Some fresh friend code:
    you may like to add me, feel free to do so…:)) C Y

  83. says:

    Were can i fill in the big promo codes on the bigin of the page

  84. chirag says:

    Add me to get high end gifts … code is lsljys

  85. itxel says:

    hola chicos poner este codigo para 100 monedas
    y añadirme….auuxhn
    graciasss nenesss

  86. ssd says:

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  89. Jorge says:

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  90. wenny says:

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  91. elly says:

    my code, 7hh807, send please send me some
    – towels
    – shampoo
    – bracelet
    needed for the hotel.

  92. Jojo says:

    Friends welcomed please add me a930aep and I’ll send you a gift 🙂

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  95. Digby says:

    please add me and I’ll send you gifts!


  96. dave says:


  97. Larry says:

    My phone died & replacement Droid
    Bionic isn’t supported anymore – why is that?

  98. Alberto says:

    Mi codigo de amigo es “atmk51f”. Envio regalos diariamente. 🙂

  99. arhydtv says:

    arhydtv you know what to do.. 🙂

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  101. AlexBo says:

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  102. Stefano says:

    add me please!!

  103. killmoves says:

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  104. Ray Fig says:

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  105. frank says:

    my code: abojwxz (all letters)

  106. Ebo says:

    aplz9z, pls add me.

  107. doyoung says:

    code aazov8r

  108. mycode says:

    my code: a39b5v9

  109. jeff says:

    My code is ahagpzg – please add me

  110. Lucas says:

    My Code: aq5c5xn

  111. melvy says:

    how can i restart the game?

  112. rene says:

    Add me for free coins:-) aizukjq

  113. willy says:

    add me,my code: a98w2av

  114. Amin says:

    my code : wwmayom

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