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More android phones and smartphones that uses this kind of operating system.


Juju Doctor

If you don’t know what to do with your free time then we will give you something that will keep you busy and at the same time entertained. Juju Doctor likes to kill his...

watercolors_for_android_00 0


Are you an artist? No? Good, cause you don’t have to be a painting artist to play this game, but if you are, you have a good advantage that will help you start up....

reverse_runner_for_android_00 0

Reverse Runner

Ever wanted to play the bad guy in a Tower Defense game? Well now you have the chance in this fun Reverse Runner game from CosmiConnection Studios  is the game in which you will have...

lose_weight_without_dieting_app_00 0

Lose weight without dieting

Having a healthy mind and body is what it concerns most of us, however there is a way we can take care of them both, and that way is keeping our body clean, by eating...


My Panda Minion for Android

This Panda can be more than a simple virtual pet, more than a simple application, if yo think that you are responsible than this panda can prove you wrong. My Panda Minion for Android is...

bitmado 0

Bitmado – more than a wallpaper app

One of the greatest innovation in wallpaper apps is Bitmado, this app has a shuffling wallpaper engine powered by the community users, in this way you will have an endless shuffle of wallpapers based...

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