My Railway Android game

My Railway Android game

This article was written by and published on February 7, 2012.

It was also reviewed on February 7, 2012

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621 Responses

  1. Killer!! says:

    Great Game if you did not require so many friends to get a lot of the items.

    … Invite me!

    Click on friends –> Invite –> then add in this code y8k-999 and click invite

  2. Sonielsen says:

    Great game! But I need freinds!

    Invite me!

    Code: 29r-6g4


  3. admin says:

    For everyone who are looking to invite and be invited by more friends, leave your code below.


  4. Mark says:

    I always like to have more friends 🙂

    Invite me v6w-849

  5. Annatar says:

    Be my friend and invite me 🙂


  6. Jane says:

    invete: i1c-5z0

  7. Komani says:

    Who wants friends? s0m-1e3

  8. ben says:

    great game! Love it.

    please invite me : z1f-185

  9. michael says:


  10. Great game if only you didn't need so many friends. I don't have nor want to link to Facebook and that makes this game really short lived. Thanks for the codes tho, if there were more and play endlessly.

  11. mmarsching says:

    Invite me: 108-2m2

  12. Tanya Leone says:

    thank you for the bonus codes!

  13. sharoop says:

    add meee


  14. Arnie says:

    add me folks;


  15. think says:

    invite me 90n-1j8

  16. Rick says:

    Add me please !!


  17. Turrash says:

    Invite me! p1x-7t1

    I have nothing better to do all day 🙂

  18. martinko says:

    invite me please 🙂 .. a2i-542

  19. Loke says:

    Ad me please


  20. mookl says:

    Add me

  21. Bruno Lourenço says:

    Add me like friend, my code q6c0p6 (zero)

  22. Add me like friend code : 94s-3v6.

  23. Nadia says:

    Please add me: n5r-8e7
    Thanks 🙂

  24. CeeWill says:

    Add me I accepted all invites and update quickly. I also accept airship requests. j85-2f3

  25. Dar23270 says:

    My Railway for Android

  26. Licata says:

    plss add me …g27-8s9

  27. polpol says:

    add me p8k886

  28. Wyman says:

    Please add me as friend u87-3h4

  29. clint says:

    Great game, you need to make friends to get anywhere. Add me e88-9q1

  30. vasile says:

    Add me pls

  31. Sav41k says:

    add me 13y-070

  32. Naknus says:

    Please add me, and I will accept as quickly as possible.


    The 0 is a zero, 🙂
    Thank you!

  33. 822-3z6 add mee this game is greattt…….. 822-3z6
    822-3z6. 822-3z6
    822-3z6 822-3z6 822-3z6

  34. asdf says:

    t5i6e5 add me plz!!!

    thanks for the codes though

  35. Miekjaah says:

    Add me: v5s-6j3

  36. think1 says:

    90n-1j8 add

  37. manish says:

    love this game, full on time killer

    add me 982-op4

  38. john chabala says:

    Add as friend please johnny5625 thnx

  39. Trevor says:

    Good game

    Add me 13e-0z8 will expected fast possible

  40. James says:

    add me 79f-836

  41. Jimmy says:

    Add me Mopar1015

  42. michelle says:

    D4R240…it’s a zero 🙂

  43. Robert says:


  44. Sanna says:

    Add me! 85b-069

  45. Carlos Cruz says:

    M1r7k5 i play all day ten minute acceptance

  46. Daniel says:

    addme: dantzopia (w4t2n0)
    active player… 😉

  47. void112233 says:

    Add me z22-2c2

  48. Just4Droid says:

    I’ve just added all of you, and my code is u0q-196

  49. jonathan says:

    add me!!! g5q-3r8

  50. think2 says:

    90n-1j8 add – airships all day

  51. josh says:

    is there any way to sell trains or upgrade them?

    • Naknus says:

      You can buy the train you intend to replace the old one with, and place it on the same rail. As a result, the old train will be automatically sold, and replaced with your new (presumably better) train.

  52. Billis says:

    add me 😀

  53. roshan says:

    Please guys add me
    my code is-k1j32s

  54. Kasper Vodgård says:

    Add q7a4t6.. 😉

  55. AveN says:

    z9m-886 add me ppl!

  56. j.z. says:

    Please invite me : 821-9k5
    Bitte ladet mich ein : 821-9k5

  57. Werner says:

    add me plz z3m-6m8!!

  58. Flash says:

    B my friends! add me pls~


  59. Love the game b0q-636 plz add

  60. 유지훤 says:

    good game 109-5v8 add plz.
    good game 109-5v8 add plz.
    good game 109-5v8 add plz.
    good game 109-5v8 add please.

  61. jon says:

    ADD ME PLEASE i8s-174

    great game , thanks …

  62. Paul says:

    Add me 😀
    15y 989

  63. Please add me. I love this game, my bonus code is v230d1. Thanks for bonus codes 😀

  64. Thordsen says:

    Please add me..


  65. Ryan says:

    Please add y3m8b1


  66. NANA says:

    add me if u want q8i-986

  67. Rysiek says:

    A nice game. My code is w9d-4s6.

    I will give you few hints for free:
    1) don’t spend gold coins on rubbish. they are very valuable.
    2) catch birds by clicking them.
    3) don’t upgrade everything too fast, do it by completing “quests” – it will get you more XP points.
    4) buy “automatic shopkeeper” only when you are going to play the entire 2 hours.

  68. David says:

    Please add my game: w4u-0h4

  69. ben says:

    The codes don’t work how do I get them to work

  70. ben says:

    I am an active player at level 36.

    here is the bonus code for new players:
    It will give 10 gold coins for each code you put in.

    please invite me : z1f-185


  71. sa0p says:

    my code is 51y-5c9 pls add 🙂

  72. sadoki says:

    Add me please q83340

  73. Jennifer Cronk says:

    Totally addicted please add 49g-777

  74. Milamber says:

    Invite me please: c7j-8h2 c7j8h2

  75. Josh says:

    Add me…a1h-3g6

  76. BobTM says:

    Love it

    94D-4M5. Add me please. Need to post new free codes, spent that Gold like silver, lol

  77. Arie says:

    Very addictive!!

    Please add me as ur friend?!


  78. Mul says:

    Fun game but we all need friends, add me please:

  79. Ben JH says:

    i will accept a friend invite, usually within an hour or so, and send you an airship ASAP. my code is y2a9s9 Thanks!

  80. Pope says:

    Not able to use any bonus code given above. It either says invalid code or code already used. I am player at level 10.

    Any hints?

  81. Valerio Egal says:

    add me plz :).

  82. mitchelldawg says:

    Add me please, s4x-997.

  83. Dan says:

    Nice game:)
    Add t36-6k5

  84. slawencjo says:

    add me 🙂

  85. hady says:

    j44-323. Add me please. I send and revive airship from every one. Hurry please. Thanx.

  86. velitel says:

    a2e-6u1 Thanks a lot 😉

  87. Electric Frog says:

    Feel free to add me, I will always accept.

    Friend ID:”x8m-9js

  88. Andrew says:

    pls ad me h4c-6h2

  89. Pope says:

    Add me guys…

  90. Snapbux says:






  92. Love the game.. Not one of the bonus codes worked for me… oh well.. Still love the game.

  93. Osmodan says:

    Add me guys 🙂 starting player here


  94. Pope says:

    Yup.. Pretty addictive.
    Add me…

  95. Axel says:

    ADD ME: j02-6u8


  96. Zephyr says:

    Feel free to add me as well

  97. sarah lena says:

    bonus codes did not work!

    • admin says:

      The bonus codes may be expired. I am really sorry. Check out the Airport City game, is fresh and the promo codes are still available, after a few days, it might not work as well.

  98. david says:

    funny game, I accept all friend so add me 😉

  99. John says:

    Add me please 854-7i6 ^^

  100. Kaplumba says:

    Great game
    pls add me 85k-6w5

  101. joe811982 says:

    Add me x0y0p0

  102. Peter Karsbergen says:

    Add me! w77-4w6

  103. love the game very addictive. add me please: u6b-9d5.

  104. Matt Kelly says:

    add me please "MY RAILROAD" z3j 7a6.

  105. Mack says:

    add me please z3j 7a6

  106. rintze says:

    43c7n6 please

  107. gianni says:

    Add me please

    Code x8y296

  108. dakotadan says:

    add me plz. y9f-0x9

  109. subzero says:

    great game , i invited all of you guys, do the same for me:q1a-7k9, 10x

  110. Maddie says:

    Installed yesterday and allready hooked.

    Please add me, e01341

  111. Paul says:

    Add plz. 64m3i9

  112. Shaq says:

    Add me b81-3w6
    am always playing when i can

  113. MoonDonkey says:

    Add me please, I need some friends


  114. spindrift13 says:

    My add code is 42a-7z5. Thanks.

  115. Manto1988 says:

    Add me please, i friends

  116. Add me, will accept all requests quickly. m9p8c8
    Nice addictive game, got me quite hooked the whole last week, but I see it becoming a little repetitive.

  117. Zoltán Farkas says:

    Add me pls Zoli j99540

  118. Rok Piškur says:

    f6k-2m2 add me ;).

  119. Bigga says:

    Frequently online. Send requests and adds and I’ll be sure to accept shortly. ID: y3m8b1


  120. Andris says:

    my code is : v1j-8×8

    add me!

  121. Martin ROdan says:

    add me d658g4.

  122. Milamber says:

    My ID: C7j8h2/C7j-8h2

  123. Eric Puchir says:

    Game is awesome add me please 72d-7n7.

  124. Manto1988 says:

    Add me
    My Id: a7n-1n4

  125. Dan Pianka says:

    Add me please g4v-9r3

  126. Karolaaa says:


  127. luke says:


    On constantly.

  128. jose says:

    Please add me

  129. This Guy says:

    Add ME !!! 67k-5q6

  130. Matt Kelly says:

    please add me as friend z3j 7a6.

  131. Kouga says:

    add me on a lot s87289

  132. Komani says:

    Awesome game!! Please add me s0m-1e3

  133. Mary Nagy says:

    add me please b73-064

  134. Karen Elsdon says:

    Add me m2t5ko I love this game

  135. eXtreme says:

    very addictive 🙂

    add me j11-3z0

  136. waqas pathan says:

    i m playing this game countinusly so u should add me for quick respond! and have an airshir to share wid me to earn more!! about 10M in five hour!!
    guys add me m waiting!
    for tips msg me on facebook ma name is waqas pathan on facebook !!
    i m in love wid dis game!

  137. Manto1988 says:

    add me
    me id: a7n-1n4

  138. HaWe says:

    Add me plz. 98u-097

  139. Marc König says:

    No words – just the best adroid game ever made! Add me please :)! t2m-861

  140. Erik Catalfu says:


  141. laura says:

    Add me please! 619-3t4

  142. Vioss says:


    Awesome game!! Please add me 34u-3g6

    let’s join together

  143. miki says:

    Cool game. Active player!

    Add me!


  144. Wan TedDee says:

    How to add friends??

  145. Angel Davila III says:

    Good game pls add 95k-731

  146. ookikioo says:

    please add me d5w-1v1

  147. Dan says:

    please add me g4v-9r3

  148. SJ says:

    Great game!

    Please add v8b-0d7

  149. sarah says:

    I just found a working bonus code, type “welcome” without the “”
    gets you 3 gold coins and a bunch of silver ones.

    Can anyone help me where I can find my code for people to add me?

    • sarah lena says:

      hi, you find your code by tipping your name on the rigtht on the top of the screen.

      • MarChi says:

        Yup. Totally works still 🙂
        I hit to upgrade something and for some reason instead of only taking off 4g, it stole all 20 🙁

  150. stitch says:

    let’s have tons of fun 🙂

  151. sarah says:

    Add me 🙂 i am almost always playing 🙂

  152. jonny says:

    ADD ME PLEASE i8s-174

    great game , thanks …

  153. think3 says:

    90n-1j8 add – airships all day

  154. Thomad says:

    Add me as a friend,


  155. Justin says:

    Add me pls, always playing

  156. kunle says:

    Please add me a2p-6i5

  157. andres says:

    please add me


  158. Simonsen says:

    Please add me too.. c5k-385

  159. Bekkers says:

    add me bc9-332

  160. Add t74-9r9. Wil play every day and will accept every request. Ty

  161. Dany says:

    Add me please g4v-9r3

  162. Mahyar says:

    please add me


  163. Diabolica86 says:

    add pls g4e-3m3

  164. Amanda says:

    add me plx j617e6
    i will accept all requests very fast.

  165. Thijmen says:

    Please add me.

  166. Lokoto says:

    add me as a friemd if you want… w5a-0c4

  167. luitje1983 says:

    please add me as a friend.

    Good addicting game

  168. Johnny says:

    Please add s85-7m8

  169. Please ad me, i play non stop v99-9f2.

  170. Big AlH says:

    Add me please… 42i-3h3

  171. Radek says:

    Radek c7j8h2

  172. Lindsey Machielse says:

    love this game, add me: 6459a3. thanks!

  173. Nero Zhang says:

    add me, ID: 393-8g8 online 24*7.

  174. Vioss says:

    Let’s play this amazing game together.
    Helping each other by adding friends.
    add me 34u3g6.
    I’m vioss.

  175. add me.. mp4-6j0.. pretty please

  176. Willie says:

    add me s8n-021 !

  177. Mike says:

    Add me, i accept requests almost immediately.

  178. brb says:

    and me:)


  179. Thomas says:

    Add me as a friend.


  180. Dale says:

    Can’t get any of the codes to work.
    Add me z8k-4j3

  181. GhowG3N says:

    new player ! add me pls: d5s-245

  182. new player ! add me pls: d5s-245

  183. ch50n says:

    Add me, active. z9b5p4

  184. Willie says:

    s8n-021 please add me as a friend.

  185. Matthew says:

    Add Me. d2n-411

  186. Matthew Espinosa says:

    add d2n-411

  187. jaco says:

    Add me as a friend

  188. serbie says:

    pretty fun game, can be a bit addictive at times too!

    add me as a friend, accepting all requests 🙂


  189. Steph says:

    PleAse add me I need some friends 🙁 .… K6q-5f7

    I will help with all airships

  190. Steph says:

    Add me please I need friends … K6Q-5F7

  191. DANIK says:


  192. Jack says:

    Add me, please : N57-0R9

  193. Felipe says:

    My ID is s59-4m2. Add me!!

  194. adrock says:

    t2n-476 🙂

  195. U can add me as well: z8d-7v6! TY!

  196. Gijs says:

    add me d7b-5z6

  197. Jon Eric says:

    how do I send the darn airship?

  198. Jon Eric says:

    add me please, w3v-1u1.

  199. stitch says:

    pls add k75-4t6 , thanks guys

  200. man says:

    add me please my ID : t93-4v7

  201. Shirley says:

    please add me: 76d-2k6

  202. Ziggy says:

    please add me r41-2g9

  203. Joost says:

    add me: v9j-596

  204. Pope says:

    need more friends to proceed…

    add me plz

  205. Sav41k says:

    Add me: 13y-070

  206. add me please 67v-049

  207. HaWe says:

    Add me plz.

    98u-097 (0=zero)

  208. Leandro says:

    add Brasil code y6s-71r

  209. Leandro says:

    leandro BRAZILIAN CODE: y6s-7r1

  210. ADD LÉO BRASIL CODE y6s-7r1.

  211. Totally addicted please add BRASIL y6s-7r1.

  212. Snapbux says:



  213. ♣¤═══¤۩۞۩ஜஜ۩۞۩¤═══¤♣♣¤═══¤۩۞۩ஜ


  214. Evan says:

    do anyone know any bonus codes that work?

  215. ChiaLin says:

    Add me please

  216. PLEASE add me 🙂


  217. Luka Doležan says:

    Add me z17-4u5.

  218. Jan says:

    add me 🙂


  219. Jan says:

    add me 🙂


    I need some friends 🙂

  220. Amanda says:

    i will accept all requests.
    thank you

    add me plx j617e6

  221. Eric Hammond says:

    Your request will be answered quickly. Please add me q5t9k1.

  222. Carl says:

    Please add me g2e-6g6

  223. yeah, the codes don't work. very addictive game. ADD ME e2n5k5.

  224. dywan says:

    Add me : s7p-513

  225. Gary Ng says:

    add me pls: id, p6q7z0

  226. Totally addicted please add BRASIL y6s-7r1.

  227. hello I need a bonus code hellp.

  228. Yaroslav says:

    Add me: 80h-7s3

  229. Mar says:

    Add me Add me! … s46-7u8


  230. chriss says:

    Please add me y0w-619

  231. asstttff says:

    Add me a3v-6n2

  232. Totally addicted please add BRASIL y6s-7r1.

  233. Totally addicted please add BRASIL y6s-7r1.

  234. Red Dragon says:

    ID : 146961 – daily player – beats the hell out of work!

  235. Sergi says:

    Add me!! Very addicted: 15s-7n9

  236. cafeole says:

    Add me! I play every day! My code: 37i-0h8

  237. Aditya says:

    add me e51-892

  238. JabbasPalace says:



  239. chazychaz2211 says:

    please add me:
    Mache Luftschiff Freundschaftsunterstützung
    helfe wo ich kann

  240. Martin says:

    Hi All, add me, please 🙂


  241. lifestreamer says:

    Add me please: c2a-4f9
    I am very active player, playing all the day and accepting all requests very fast 🙂

  242. s2lonely says:

    add me 615-293 pls

  243. Gwa1h says:


  244. Jess says:

    I love this game! Play it way too much lol add me u550p6

  245. Jasqui says:

    e02 0ml

  246. Joost says:


  247. #125 says:

    Add me: 77f-034

  248. Evan says:

    Add me s4a-2vo

  249. stefan says:

    Hello. plz add me t3k9z3

  250. pan link says:

    Add me plz p7t-0w3

    0= zerro / nul

  251. Mark says:

    Add me g1e-5e5

  252. hellboycf says:

    I check regularly ADD: x5g-9y5

  253. Driver1969 says:

    Add me n0u5z2. Daily player who adds quickly and sends airships.

  254. Cin says:

    Please add f8i-557

  255. kray says:

    Add me! I play everyday! n7m-0z1

  256. patrick (pan link) says:

    add mee play more time’s everyday


    0 = zerro / nul

  257. Faaz says:

    Add me to get free gold coin
    Immidiate accptin



  258. Paul says:

    Add me please



  259. tan3888 says:

    Pls add me 67c-5z7
    I’m check every day always check.thx

  260. Lavinia says:

    Please add me: n84-9u7

  261. nekij83 says:

    Add mee pls, play everyday!

  262. owen says:

    f9x-265 add me im a daily players and always on checking

  263. Andrei says:

    PLEASE, ADD ME !!!
    ” 744-7e3 ”

    Anyone has some bonus codes that actually work ? thanks

  264. Anthony says:

    Hey! Add me! I just got this like, erm, two days ago and I love it! Not as awesome as skyrim but as phone games go its on my top 5.



  265. torkelino says:

    Nice game

    Add me please:

  266. Emily says:

    Please add me!

  267. Peter says:

    Add me ~~~~

  268. hotice says:

    add!!!! 789-111

  269. Grapbest says:


  270. ffl says:

    Nice game

    Add me please:

  271. Zelle says:

    Add me


  272. ian says:

    add me please

  273. Alan says:

    So addicted i’m on all the time, Add me and you will get a super fast response. v9i-0m0

    Thank you in advance if you do add

  274. kevin says:

    add my i5c536

  275. tavi says:

    add me please: m9n-7t1

  276. Eduardo says:

    Please add me
    My code is ” 47v-1w4 “

  277. joel says:

    add me 75z-8t1

  278. ADI says:

    pls add me…I’m brand new in this…i likr it very much 🙂

  279. HaWe says:

    Add me pls

    98u-097 (0=zero)

  280. #125 says:

    If you place a decor that increases the money and EXP you get from selling passengers(cost gold coins) and visit a friend(most recommend Kate) and go back home the percentage adds more percentage you naturally have. Ex: 15% to 30% to 45%; 100% to 200% to 300%. WARNING by doing this cheat the game may lose its “funness” to it. I upgraded from level 26 to level 60 in 48 hours. Add me if you have not: 77f-034

  281. #125 says:

    Forgot to mention the cheat resets when you quit the game or turn off the phone

  282. matty says:


  283. sepide says:


  284. kvmanohar says:


  285. Ho-Hum says:


  286. kamlesh says:

    Loved the game. Add me h7s-0x7

  287. minh says:

    Add me x6w-832

  288. Judge youngman says:

    ID: b4m5q0

  289. Geet says:

    Add Me Pls My bonus code is j3a-1n9

  290. king9 says:

    Add me I play all day.

  291. ian says:

    add me please


  292. rakesh says:

    PLZ ADD ME s78-3z4… nd how can i get gold coins ..? i am in need of gold coins

  293. gabste says:

    Add pls. active all day. code: i3f 8e5

  294. victor says:

    Add me, i always accept. 73q-9a0

  295. JR says:

    invite flg-4n0 please

  296. gabsterr says:

    Add i3f 8e5. always on, help with airships always.

  297. DidiWi says:

    Go to extra, use these bonus codes to get 2 gold coins for each code….welcome,playgames,lovegames,tweetit,tweetmore,tweetnow,happytweet, spring. Add me as a friend and give me a gold coin in return…cheers! i81-565 ID …I accept requests for ballast/diesel/airships, please accept my requests in return.

  298. Thomas says:


    Add me as a friend


  299. Andy says:

    Hi all
    Please add me. My ID is e7x-591 … log in several times a day.

  300. Andy says:

    btw … is anyone else having difficulties with game version 1.1.3? I can’t change my zoom level anymore since the update.

  301. Prash says:

    Hi All,

    Please add me n5w-5n5. Need lots of friends!!!


  302. Freddy says:

    Please add us for more friends!!

  303. AJ says:

    add me i0d8n3

  304. serto says:

    Add me pls, always accept. log in several times a day: s3q-1f2

  305. sjs says:

    add my pliss g35-951

  306. Zonda says:

    Add me and my girlfriend please.


    We both log in during all day and accept invitations, balast and diesel for the aircrafts.

  307. ian says:

    please add me

  308. Andy says:

    Hmmm … it’s now telling me my game ID is


    Unless I read the last one from the wrong place.

    Pls add me. Thanx

  309. bazz says:

    great game…
    add me t57-5w5

  310. dywan says:

    ad me:

  311. Txete says:

    Please, add me.



  312. Emiel says:

    Please add me. I check in several times a day!

    e8r-0u3 (that’s a zero)

  313. Smokey says:


  314. gerald says:

    if you need a friend


    my code is z5v-050

  315. Cricrack says:


  316. minh says:

    add me : x6w-823

  317. Nath says:

    the bonus code ‘welcome’ still works – gives gold and money.


  318. giepieter says:

    Add me 6442h8

  319. fraggls says:


  320. duder says:

    Mine is 62m-175, friend me, friend me

    these worked for me

    “welcome,playgames,lovegames,tweetit,tweetmore,tweetnow,happytweet, spring”

    from DidiWi

  321. Housen says:

    “Spring” currently working as a bonus code for 10,000 coins


  322. minh says:

    Add me x6w-823

  323. Matthijs Verweij says:

    Plz friend me: d9i-896

    I will accept you within one day!

  324. Diane says:

    New to game f8q-994 if you would like to add me as friend

  325. Peter says:

    Pls ADD me , 6482c0


  326. Joe-Daddy says:

    How do you collect experience from a decor item like ‘maze’ that costs 3 million??

  327. david says:

    Add me please, on everyday and accept all requests s6c-1e1

  328. Finn says:

    adding in 12 hours

  329. deus says:

    Add me: T474K9

    will accept immediately, daily player

  330. ghetto says:


    Pleas add me: k0f-2×6 (the 0 is a zero)


  331. Jordan Strubel says:

    Add me please ! v9x-6j3

  332. ED says:

    Add me n976m4

  333. takoboy says:

    Daily player

  334. vicky says:

    add me.. playing daily 54h-757… happy april fool’s..

  335. anthea says:

    add me at 183-6k4. I check it everyday.

  336. matty says:

    pls add me play every day d7g-2z8

  337. Sebylyca says:

    p1t-1a4 from Romania

  338. JJ says:

    Nice one. Plz invite :]


    0 == zero :]

    Invite == money!

  339. igor says:

    Please add me I am daily player s1u-1s6 plzzzz

  340. creimire says:

    Add me


  341. faustus says:

    add me: h6c-3s0

  342. ZooM says:

    Add me,pleas 18i-6m1

  343. Wilson says:

    Add me z55-8q7

  344. Pope says:

    Add me guys…

  345. minh says:

    Add x6w-832

  346. ralf says:

    add me 🙂


  347. ralf says:

    invite me 🙂


  348. Terêncio says:

    Invite me z71-9v7

  349. Snoopyyyyy says:

    Add mee c8j0t9

  350. Gazwold says:

    Add me t5x – 9t7

  351. igor says:

    add me please i’m daily player s1u-1s6

  352. Nightmare says:

    invite me w9g-7r7

  353. charles says:

    invite me 67q-660

  354. Tom says:

    Add as friend. f0y-2j1

  355. ian says:

    add me please z2k-5b1

  356. Railroad says:

    I`m a very active player i accept all invites
    Please invite me so we can help eachother:

    911-015 donnod

  357. Prash says:


    “welcome,playgames,lovegames,tweetit,tweetmore,tweetnow,happytweet, spring” had worked sometime back. I reinstalled the game and now these are showing as invalid bonus codes. welcome alone works. Anyone knows the new codes?

    Just curious, how did you get these codes? Some link or someone tried to reverse engineer the game?


  358. Haldolin says:

    addme 82g-210

  359. Cadoc says:

    Active player

  360. McBig says:

    Add me please, daily player p3a0w0

  361. Neil Maughan says:


  362. POCO says:

    please add me!!


  363. OlgaOlga du Plessis says:

    Please add me v4r-3v6

  364. john says:

    Plz invite me x6a-6w5 thanks =)really appreciate

  365. Iknowyou says:

    Please add me b0g431

  366. Alexandra says:

    I’m a really active player. I accept all invitation.
    Add me : 27p-0m2

  367. Bruno says:

    Please invite me. Thanks

  368. Janze75 says:

    Playing all day – every day.
    Add me PLZ: u1w-210

  369. john says:

    Pls invite me x6a-6w5 I always play this game day and night =) thanks for the cooperation and really appreciate
    Keep unlocking territories,tracks, and trains
    Good Luck and thanks a Lot Guys

  370. john says:

    Plz!!! add me x6a-6w5 and be part of my friends

  371. john says:

    Pls invite me x6a-6w5 Im the most active player in this game in the world!!
    4ever and ever

  372. Nightmare says:

    invite me w9g-7r7 looking for more friends

  373. Moas says:

    Invite pls r9f-5q3 Moas

  374. Ottone says:

    K2S-587 … add me, I’m an active player.

  375. Smash says:

    add me plz 24m-517

  376. Ken says:

    add me pls id: g3u1q3

  377. kkwong says:

    Hi, please invite me p25-880, really need lot of friends to complete this game!

    ha ha !

    ID: p25-880


  378. Ken says:

    Please add me . i’m active player.. really need alot friend . Thank ^^

    ID: g3u1q3

  379. Bobina says:

    Just started to play.
    Please invite me: w2c658


  380. Kim says:

    add me. id: 60p-9g2

  381. Janze75 says:

    Add me PLZ… u1w-210

  382. Olga says:

    Please please please add me…….


  383. kkwong says:

    Hi guys, please invite me p25-880, really need lot of friends & money to complete the task!

    ha ha !

    ID: p25-880


  384. bazz says:

    This is great game…
    please add me t57-5w5

  385. ANKIT says:

    Please add me Playing everyday b5y-5s3

  386. Robert says:

    plz add


  387. cze says:

    add me 927-570

  388. Aggri says:

    Great game
    please feel free to add me, playing daily will accept fast 🙂


  389. Luke says:

    Add me, plz 🙂

  390. Rosie says:

    Hi all.
    Great game …. love to play it! In great need of friends … sooooo…. please add me?? y034u1

    Tks a bunch!
    See you at the station!

  391. cze says:

    plz add me 927-570

  392. jesper says:

    invite me


  393. Tom says:

    Please add. f0y-2j1

  394. Pope says:

    Add me ppl…

  395. Olko says:

    Add me please! I am very active player! ID: s17-6v0

  396. Medolino says:

    Add me please


  397. Panky says:

    im online 20/24h

  398. uvekolarz says:

    add me pls id: 63v-270

  399. chris says:

    anyone higher than level 60?
    I am not getting bonus after 300,000,000 xp

  400. J0hNnY says:

    Add me.: x39-3q0

  401. igor says:

    add me g0e-9e3 i play 24/7

  402. Janze75 says:


  403. Ferrucio says:

    please add me 53q-362

  404. Leon says:

    add me play everyday f31-665.

  405. mohan says:

    add me please 24*7

  406. Splate says:

    add me please, play everyday:b8y-255

  407. Gerg says:


    Hey folks, I’m the one you want. Play everyday, always grant requests, everything you could want. See you soon!


  408. havoc says:

    good game add me pls r2x-1t3

  409. Jakob says:

    please add me: u37-515

    I play every day.

  410. Diggerchen says:

    Great Game

    please add me: u0t-7w0

  411. Thiago Lima says:

    please add me: 971-7×8

    I play every day.

  412. rica2205 says:

    add me

  413. Thiago Lima says:

    Add me!

    a gift code: luck

  414. valters says:

    pls invite


    New bonus code is luck

  415. Leon says:

    Please add me had to restart game as got new phone I play everyday


  416. Kseni says:

    add me plz

  417. Lore34 says:

    Add Me please 😀

  418. Tribar says:


    add me pls

  419. Karolina says:

    e3c-472 каждый день онлайн)))

  420. rigo says:

    K0f-2×6 (the 0 is a zero 🙂


  421. Tibor says:

    Add me pls, I play every day.
    Thx, from Hungary.

  422. Speddy says:

    please ad me p91-1c8

    thanks !!

  423. olly says:

    Playing this game a lot at the moment. Please add me!


  424. kez says:


    add me pls~~

  425. Wile says:


    plz add me, play every day.

  426. я says:

    Парень подсадил на игру, теперь не могу оторваться, хочу опередить его. С каждым новым появлением друга он расстраивается. Кто желает мне помочь, добавляйтесь. e3c-472 (это я). Ну а если кто хочет помочь ему, то держите его код a59-731. Я не совсем свинья ))))))))))))))) Но надеюсь на правильный выбор)

  427. Slava says:


  428. Sherm says:

    In need of friends plz 🙂


    Thank you!

  429. T'Dmt_a says:

    Playing this game a 6 hours a day. Please add me!


  430. coz says:

    Please add me

  431. Jon says:

    Play 24/7: z1t-0z3

  432. tina says:

    add me please s6r750

  433. kamlesh says:

    Pls add me k95-2c9
    New player need friends.

  434. matt says:

    pleas add me play every day : d7g-2z8

  435. speddy says:

    Please ad me:


  436. speddy says:

    My code game is-

  437. Alex says:


  438. valters says:

    Pls invite my code is. 81m8m7

  439. Brent says:

    add me. I play everyday

  440. Alex says:

    pls ivite :

  441. Andre says:

    i am a daily player…
    please add me 25v-7k2

  442. Link says:

    Hi,please add me.i play it everyday.need more friends. My id : 657-6c6. Thanx a lot

  443. fatnuglyvhl says:

    Daily player: n4k-3c0

  444. Matto24 says:

    add me,please:


  445. cihan says:


  446. Tom says:

    Add as friend k4m-594

  447. Ionutz says:

    my code is e2v-884 I am online plsss add

  448. Iony says:


  449. Smyre says:

    a5u6y0 Hello everyone, I’ll be glad to see in my friends, add me…thx

  450. Olko says:

    s17-6v0 Add me please!!!!!!!!!

  451. suwait says:



  452. momo says:

    Pls add me 67i-2yo
    New player need friends.

  453. Mike says:

    Realy good game..
    Need some friends add: j68-6n7

  454. vorosroka says:

    Pls invite: 761-149
    Have a nice day!

  455. meimei says:

    pls add i5r-7e7

  456. Larry finishwood says:

    q66-678 please add me!! My phone dies & I lost all progress to level 40 & all friends – about 60. Help! q66-678

  457. bruno says:

    add me k12-8j4 my id

  458. snapchris says:

    invite me 33d-8m4

  459. Dartus says:


  460. I love it!I play it every day and I can’t get enough.

  461. PTT555 says:

    Hi All,

    could you please add me.
    My ID is z42-8v4.

    Enjoy the nice game,

  462. BaasV says:

    Add me please:


  463. nick says:

    ADD ME!!!! always on….


  464. Skizr420 says:


    Add me please 🙂

  465. Lukas says:

    J3e 7m8 please add me desperate need of friends. Also constant player and accepts and gives help to anyone needs it. My iPod touch wont let me add anyone by code.

  466. Alexander Sch says:

    add me plz

    45g5s0 🙂

    ‘m glad 2 c u
    best regards from Germany

  467. CK says:

    Add me please! 811-032

  468. yj says:

    add me! p7g-072

  469. Saman says:

    Hello Every One >:D 70r-3t0 My ID …

  470. Steve says:

    Hi, Please add me d51-1r7

  471. sandra says:

    please add me b2t-3r5

  472. yazeed says:

    add my


  473. Saad Thahim says:

    Where to enter these codes in game?

  474. Keith says:


  475. newklear says:

    36b-0b6 add me im active

  476. Panlink says:

    place ad me manny time online


  477. Panlink says:

    ad my place n39-1k5

  478. holly says:

    How do i delete friends because I have a load of old friends that don’t use it anymore and its really anoyimg when I want to get to my newer friends. If anyone can help, please do, I would be really greatful

  479. holly says:

    How do i delete friends because I have a load of old friends that don’t use it anymore and its really anoyimg when I want to get to my newer friends. If anyone can help, please do, I would be really greatful.

  480. Shasta says:

    Great game. Im addicted. Add me! 947-9J5

  481. Arbuz says:

    Add me 261-457

  482. kaye says:

    How do you rate the game its the last part I need for the map

  483. Keith says:

    Add me im active user

  484. Steam Cheese says:

    Please Add me!! Daily Player.


  485. daniel says:

    60j5b5 add me please

  486. oyuncuuu says:

    I am always avaible add me pls


  487. isamnet says:

    My code:

  488. Denis says:

    pls add me: x4u-5w5

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