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Planet Draw EDU Puzzle

Many people out there are passionate about the universe and playing a puzzle game with beautiful planets and stars might be just what you’ll love to play. In Planet Draw, you’ll get to have...

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Having a hard time keeping a diet? Well there’s nothing better than having a group of friends supporting you to eat healthy and also, supporting them or giving and taking advice on what and...

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A Year of Books

Have you heard of “A year of books”? An initiative made by Mark Zuckerberg the creator of facebook, had started this, and not only that you can find the books he reads and more...

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Car coloring game for kids

Do you want your children to learn how to be creative? Well there’s nothing better than letting them have fun, playing a fun car coloring game, especially if they are boys, well this car...

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Zombie Rampage – World War

Are you ready to stop the Zombie invasion?! If you think you can master various weapons, tactics and offensive strategies than Zombie Rampage – World War for android is the game you’ll love playing!...

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