The Android Galaxy

GymmeFree-PersonalTrainer_00 0

Gymme Free – Personal Trainer

If you don’t have time to go to the gym then you should get this Personal Trainer! Gymme will help you save time, because you know, we all have a busy life and sometimes...


Whistle Camera – Selfie & More

Are you having problems making a photo by your own? With Whistle Camera making your selfie has never been so fun! This application is perfect and easy for you especially if you like taking...

Cosmic_Highway_3D_Toon_01 0

Cosmic Highway: 3D Toon

They say that sky is the limit but there is no limit in Cosmic Highway! This new 3D game that you can get on you’re android phone or tablet is way to awesome to...

Kolor_Shot_003 0

Kolor Shot

Do you like playing with colors? Kolor Shot is the new game that you will love to play whenever you are in the mood of showing some skill. All you have to do is...

Rolling_Camaron_01 0

Rolling Camaron

Are you ready for Rolling Camaron? Have fun with this new app and play with the cute shrimp. Your mission is to defeat the evil boss but to reach him you will have to...

Rhythm_Beetz_02 0

Rhythm Beetz

You think you have a good music ear? Show your friend that you can put your reaction and music sens to this challenging game. All you have to do is listen to the music...

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